Needles: A Memoir of Growing up with Diabetes by Andie Dominick

Needles: A Memoir of Growing up with Diabetes by Andie Dominick

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All her life, Andie Dominick adored her older sister, Denise. She wanted to look like her, talk like her, be her. Unfortunately, she got part of her wish when, at age nine, she was diagnosed with the same disease from which Denise had suffered since age two: juvenile diabetes.

In this beautifully written, revelatory, and profoundly affecting memoir, Dominick recounts her transformation from a free-spirited kid who enjoyed giving shots to her stuffed animals with her sister's castaway needles to a life-long patient who must learn to inject herself twice a day. Emotionally charged, tragic, but in the end hopeful, Dominick tells how she found the courage to embrace love and hope in the face of fear, and to live with a disease that has taken so much from her. 

Dominick went on to become an editorial writer at the Des Moines Register and was the recipient of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing for a series of editorials about health care in Iowa. Her editorials put a human face on complex health care issues, including the consequences of privatization of the Iowa's administration of Medicaid.

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